CRO Cafe



The CRO cafe started as a cart intended for the back of a food truck. We operated as a kiosk for a year and finally shoe horned a world-class espresso and coffee bar into a sweet little 250 square feet space in Temescal alley. Everything in the cafe came through the studio as raw materials. The design came about organically and in true design/build fashion. We used the materials we had around the shop. The copper "bricks" are made from sheets that were part of my "inheiritance" from my fathers studio, its nice to have a part of his legacy here.. The wood was mostly scraps from other projeects. CRO stands for Camille Rosemary Oldani,  named after my first daughter.


  • Client: The CRO cafe 
  • Date: 2014
  • Team Members: Josiah Ensmenger, Daniel Fleming
  • Key Collaborators: Gary Parsons, blue diamond tile, golden rule plumbing


Built by OAS

  • Bifold doors 
  • redwood wall cladding
  • Copper bar
  • pastry case
  • cubbies and shelving
  • Selzer and condiment station
  • Retail display and drink rail
  • furniture
  • Espresso machine modifications