Equator Coffees & Teas

Photography by Hasain Rasheed Photography


When Equator Coffees & Teas transitioned their business from wholesale to their first retail location at Proof Lab Surf Shop, Helen (Equator owner) handed Luigi the reigns to design and build a community table, benches, pastry case, and swiveling iPad stand. The timeline for this project was extremely crunched, alongside a full workload of fabrication for The Culinary Institute and Four Barrel’s “The Mill”. We were able to deliver to Equator,  from concept to installation, in less than 2 weeks. We were thrilled when Helen asked us to return, design, and build for the opening of the flagship store in downtown Mill Valley.


  • Client: Helen Russell, founder of Equator coffee
  • Date: Proof Lab Surf Shop (2013),  Flagship store in Mill Valley(2014)
  • Team Members: Luigi Oldani, Daniel Fleming, Brady Pisha, Josiah Ensmenger, Zoe Alexa, Michael Esteban, Scott Sanders, Shane Lindsay
  • Key Collaborators:  Ant Walach , Boor Bridges 


Built by OAS

Proof Lab Surf Shop location

  • pastry case 
  • iPad swivel stand 
  • tea tray
  • community table and benches 

Mill Valley location

  • pastry case
  • iPad swivel stands
  • leather bench top 
  • bike inspired stools
  • leather- topped HRS stools