Photography by thatryanjones.com


We were approached by Clay Reynolds and Loretta Keller to design and build 3 food service trikes for their new food program at the brand new exploratorium Meusem in San francisco. Challenges included providing full service features such as hot water tanks, solar panels and power distribution, hand washing sinks, and professional quality equipment while keeping the design fun and engaging, and meeting the space and weight constraints of a three wheeled utility trike. 


  • Client: Loretta Keller and Clay Reynolds
  • Date: 2013
  • Team Members: Luigi Oldani, Brady Pisha, Zoe Lynch, Troy Morris
  • Key Collaborators: Kyle Waters (espresso tech for ritual coffee)


Built by OAS

  • Espresso Trike
  • Griddle trike 
  • Soft serv trike