Luigi struck up a conversation with Sightglass when they were in mid-construction and operating off a cart in the alcove of their roastery. Intrigued by their coffee process and their buildout he offered to help with any fabrication. This conversation would eventually yield to his coffee education and the humble beginnings of CRO Cafe. The fabrication work began a relationship that offered great exposure for Oldani Art Studio and many repeat projects including designing and building the Sightglass mobile Ferry Plaza carts, and the pastry case for Sightglass on 20th street.


  • Client: Sightglass
  • Date: 2011 (original roastery work), 2013 (Ferry Plaza carts), 2014 (Sightglass on 20th street pastry case)
  • Team members: Luigi Oldani, Brady Pisha, Daniel Fleming, Josiah Ensmenger

Built by OAS

  • roaster belt guard  
  • roaster gauge panel
  • barista work tables
  • handrails and fill panels
  • Mediterranean cap rail
  • pastry case
  • roaster exhaust collars
  • Ferry Plaza carts